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DaVita Dialysis
Main address: 1551 Wewatta St. 80202 Denver CO
1-800-244-0680, (303) 405-2100, ,
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DaVita is the most unprofessional, uncaring, ignorant of procedure and the law, negligent and downright dangerous group of medicos I have EVER encountered. I would rather be treated by someone with no more than a basic knowledge of first aid than these people. We have caught them red-handed falsifying medical records ( a felony), changing prescriptions without authorization (AKA practicing... Read more

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Recently, a pct in kannapolis north Carolina put a patient on the wrong reuse dialyzer. She has made several unsafe procedures when it comes to patient care. There are several patients who refuse to let her stick them and most worry rhythm she's their tech. She still has her job no matter how many complaints she has. She once said I'm just waiting for them to fire me so I can collect as... Read more

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Female facility administator at my clinic is having a relationship with one of her female nurses. I have been at the center for three years and i can see how she favors her. I am close to all othee employees and i listen to all their complaints on this favoitism, unfortunately it haa been brought up to the attention of fa's supervisor and still this horrible behavior continues, i myself have seen... Read more

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my surgeon flushed out my fistula 5 days ago. then on friday, during the nurse inserted the needle either improperly or she quoted "i can't insert the needle far enough". she suggested i quite dialysis for the day an hour and a half before my time was up. it was the onset of the weekend and my arm is so sore and swollen and has been turning black and blue from the top of my shoulder to my... Read more

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The staff at the clinic in Hammond, LA are very unprofessional. They talk to each other most of the time about each other, talking bad about each other or complaining about something or other. They go real fast and I worry if they are doing things right because the nurse can't watch everyone at once. That's really my biggest complaint is that my nurse that I trusted left in the middle of my... Read more

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I am the only daughter of my mom who goes to davita dialysis on Wisconsin Ave. My mom has been going to dialysis for the past seven years now at the same place. The workers there are so rude and lazy, loud, and mean. I'm a really respected person but today I have experienced the worst services ever for my mom. My mom was cramping really bad and she needed me to be by her side and but they... Read more

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The employees at this facility are absolutely terrible and treat us EMT s with tremendous disrespect. I was recently involved in a dispute with a female employee over saying hello to another patient. She sarcastically asked me where I was going and said i was just a random person walking in there even though I was in uniform. She practically had security throw me out when i tried to defend... Read more

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this site encourages pt to push the blame onto people who care and are trying to help them feel better. if the patient ignores the helpful info given to them they will not feel good at all. they are part of the team to make this successful, no one and I mean no one can make them follow the treatment prescribed to them. they are and always will be grown adults who make their own (free will )... Read more

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Davita is a non caring, sloppy, company, which hires people with a little or small experience in the medical field. Allowing people to be treated crude, rude and just taking and spending more time on decorations than the actual client. I've been accused of more things than I can imagine, yet these same employees, create accidents and don't listen to the ill client. Instead, it's more about what... Read more

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